It could be put in shady place with room temperature, not exposing directly under the sunshine would be 

okay. But it could be put and preserved under conditions if the temperature is higher in house.

Yes, you could refrigerate it before applying onto the face. But you shall put it into the storage container

 to separate the odor in the refrigerator. Another thing to note is that after the facial mask is refrigerated, it shall not be put again in the room temperature for preservation, avoid that the product deteriorates with different temperature easily!

Yes, you could soak the facial mask in water which its temperature is same as apparent temperature. It is 

suggested that the soaking time is no longer than 5 minutes. The lukewarm facial mask could bring the 

warm touch for skin, and it has effect of promoting the circulation and absorption simultaneously. But 

avoid heating again and again!

If the skin has already been allergic, shall let the skin relax, do not do any maintenance, and let the skin 

recover to the best status, then could start to use the products of ROYAL LOTUS. Please seek the advice 

from your dermatologist in advance, and use it according to the prescription if you have skin problems 

such as sensitive skin, seborrheic dermatitis, rosacea, eczema, etc.
A:It is suggested that do not apply the facial mask at this time! With these kinds of situation, the user’s skin is probably lack of water or the face has little wounds. If use the product under this circumstance, it is easy to feel uncomfortable (prickle, inflammation, swelling, itching), because the skin is in the condition of inflammation and fragility at this time. With sealing and heating by facial mask, it causes to increase the allergic effect of skin instead, and it might let your skin problem severer!

The acceptance and sensitivity with the element of facial mask for everyone are different. If you feel uncomfortable after applying the mask, shorten the time of applying for suggestion. When the skin status is stable, you could lengthen the time of mask maintenance. If the situation of inflammation and itching is continued, you still need to seek the advice from professional dermatologists timely.
A:Every person’s allergen is different, so there is no any care product which will not cause allergy! But we suggest that you could choose the product only for moisturizing, and avoid the whitening element if possible. You must need to do the allergy test before usage, use it for whole face after making sure that there is no allergic reaction!
A:Everyone’s facial skin status changes everyday, and the skin changes due to cleanness, normal metabolism of body, physical status, mental pressure, external climate, environmental factors, etc. If these factors cause the facial skin to become sensitive, it is suggested to stop using it, after the skin status becomes stable, then it could be used!
A:The skin status after basking shall be estimated. If there is inflammation, itching, heating, even peeling, applying the facial mask is not suggested, because it will stimulate the skin! But for the ordinary relaxing after basking, the facial mask could be refrigerated in the refrigerator in advance, then take a break. After the skin is with  lower temperature and less inflammation, it is time to use the facial mask for relaxing.
A1: Choose the right time: You could apply the facial mask after waking up, before sleeping during taking shower, because the skin absorption in these three timing is the best. 

A2: Clean and washing: Before applying the mask,remove the keratin and dirt, wash and clean the filth to strengthen the absorption capacity of skin. After washing face, apply the facial mask with little dampness, the cuticle is full of water at this time, and the absorbed effect will be good.
A: The inclusive elements in essence of mask are helpful for the skin maintenance. When applying the face, it is covered on whole face, the temperature on surface is risen and the pores are opened, it could help the infiltration of active elements, and achieves better maintenance effect.

For the time of applying the mask, most part of users like to take off the facial mask after it dries. In fact, we do not need to apply the face for more than half an hour. It is generally suggested for 15~20 minutes, and it could achieve the maintenance effect for active elements and skin. It could cause the allergy of fragile skin easily when applying for long time. 

A:The care products need to add preservative, the usage kind and dosage of preservative for ROYAL LOTUS are conformed to laws and regulations in Taiwan. Do not use MI, Paraben, avoid the controversial antiseptic system with sensitization, and it is more relieved for usage.
A:It is suggested that adjust according to your own skin quality and status. The facial mask uses the mask to muffle the essence on the surface of skin, and let the essence retain on the surface of skin forcedly and permeate into the skin during applying the facial mask. Moisturizing facial mask could be applied every day according to the skin status, but the whitening element or high-effective element could be used1~2 times each week for suggestion, and we suggest not to use it every day.